The Story

Welcome into Cerutti's home, a family of winemakers for three generations.

« During the 1930s my grandfather Alessandro produced wine to be sold to the local “osterie” (taverns); for us taking care of our vineyards is like taking care of our families. We don’t have any coats of arms, we simply are country winegrowers, with passion, love and respect for our land and hills, our vines and wines. My father Pierantonio (Pidrin) and my uncles Luigi and Silvano have given me all their love for this beautiful world of wine, teaching me all they know: a glass of wine is not only a glass of white or red, but it is our history, our life and the life of our children and future generations.»

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Marco and the Talunit

Pidrin Farm is located on the historical hills "Colline Novaresi", very well known in the past for the high quality of their wines Nebbiolo and Vespolina.

Marco begins with a small family production, and at the same time he starts buying other vineyards and woods nearby, all in the "Talunit" area, where vineyards used to be more than a century ago.

No doubt Marco has started a difficult and demanding work of reclamation of his hills and vineyards, bringing them back to life. He may not have fully realised his role as a pioneer: he is not only planting vineyards, he is actually mixing history, terroir and wine. Pidrin wines are not only to be tasted, they are to be listened.